Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 エコデザイン国際シンポジウムについて




Going Green EcoDesign 2017
第10回 環境配慮型設計と循環型製造に関する国際シンポジウム
- 持続可能な発展のための新技術と環境革新 -



About EcoDesign international symposium

We are pleased to announce the EcoDesign 2017 symposium, to be held in Tainan, Taiwan. Since the first EcoDesign symposium in 1999, this symposium has led the research and practice of environmentally conscious design of products, services, manufacturing systems, supply chain, consumption, economics and society.

Recently, technologies for the future, (such as Internet of things, Self-driving cars, etc.), will play a key role in helping businesses design much more sustainable products and move towards sustainability. Can new technologies deliver a sustainable future for Planet Earth? In the EcoDesign 2017, the latest issues on EcoDesign dealing with new technologies are discussed. Professionals from industry, research laboratories, consulting, government, and academia are encouraged to attend. 

EcoDesign 2017 is cooperating with the following “Going Green” partner international conferences.


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